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I just came to say hello.
Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 1:17 AM
LiL TeddiE
Gosh, i haven't blog a post for like what, 3 months?! That's looooong. Anyways, just had the sudden urge to blog due to a friend who wants to revive his blog again. Man, i've missed blogging. I need to get my blogging mojo back. Well, just to update this place, though hardly anybody ever comes, I've been busy with uni, and the first semester is almost over! Assignments are almost all done, and exams are coming D: But, holidays are after too! :) Sadly, i won't be flying back to Msia. Parents want me to work here. Oh well, i  hope i get a good job, been sending my cvs around sometime back and haven't gotten replies or anything. Maybe it ain't the right time yet. Just gotta wait it. Anyhoo, uni is totally different from college. The friends you have are different, the teaching is different, it's just you know, different. College was at least pretty fun while it was suffering, but somehow uni ain't fun. I have a few close friends that i hang with most of the time, but it ain't the same like college. Partially cause college it was the same people for a whole year. In uni, you have different friends in different subjects, and that's taking me a while to adjust to. Btw, churchs friends here are nice! The life group i am in know kinda reminds me of the cell group back in Msia, but i still do miss the cg in Msia. Ohh! I've been cooking too, after my mum left after being here for about 3 months to help me settle down. She really helped me alot, and she's awesome :D She's gonna return next week, and i get to take a break from cooking, yay! And hey, my cooking ain't that bad, i'm still learning and improving :) Well, i gotta continue with my studies, byeeee! I promise i'll blog again soon :D
fly away.
Monday, February 07, 2011 @ 2:59 AM
LiL TeddiE
I know it's late but i just kinda felt like blogging a lil. I'm officially flying off to perth in less than 24 hours. Shocking isn't it? Time, you fly too fast. I wish there was more time so i could at least see more friends but too bad there ain't anymore :( Well, it's not like i'm not coming back, just not going to for a loooooong while. It's gonna be a big change for this year. It's not gonna be easy, but i'm gonna go through it every step of the way. University life is gonna be a whole lot diff. Yeap, no more the spoon feeding we have here in Malaysia. Gotta get the right people in my group for assignments, and no more slacking around. Gotta really focus on my studies frm now on. Aim high, achieve high! Anyways, i'm grateful for the farewells i've had for the past week, it's been great. Gonna miss my friends and especially the cg mates. Been with them for so long! Oh well, hope i'll settle down there nicely. Time to sleep, last night in my comfy bed, i'll miss it :( 

Bye! :D
there's something in the water.
Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 8:52 PM
LiL TeddiE
Hello! :D i'm back, haha. Well, idk whether anybody still reads my blog, but oh well. It's always a palce for me to rant about things. Time is passing, clock is ticking. 2 weeks left till i leave for perth, aussie. D: Last year, i've always wanted SAM to finish off so i can go to aussie. now it's just like 2 weeks away, man. I would say i'm more or less ready to go, though it's super sad that i won't be seeing my friends for a long while. :( But oh well, life goes on. We gotta keep reaching for what we dream of, working hard towards our goals. I'm really glad my mum's coming along with me, some people are going alone, so i'm really thankful. And my mum will be there for a while, helping me to settle down and stuff.

This year is really gotta be filled with many challenges. As you know, nothing is easy. University is like a much higher step and a different approach for college. Gotta be really hardworking from now on. I'm gonna trust God in everything every step of the way, in guiding me throughout the whole 3 years. I'm also very glad everything's all sorted out. And even though i did not get pharmacy in the first place, i knew that God just has other plans for me, and there was a reason why i am going to Murdoch uni to study biomed. There's always a reason for everything, and i know i'm blessed to even go there to study. :)

Okay, enough of the uni stuff and everything. I finally went to Uniqlo today. I know, i'm super slow and outdated. But the last time i wanted to go, they had the protesting event in KL and the roads were closed, bummer. But it was great that i went around this time, cause there were limited offers! Which lead to me saving alot compared to the original prices, hehe. Bought jackets and long sleeves, all ready for the winter that will come soon later in the year. :D Well, next week will be a busy week, meeting up with friends and everything. Gossip girl, 90210 and vampire diaries are coming back too. Double YAY! Alright, i'm done here. Bye! :)
for the first time.
Thursday, January 06, 2011 @ 3:10 AM
LiL TeddiE
Yay, first post for the year! Haha, i sound so happy! Well, i'm still on holiday, too free actually. I MISS WORK! sigh, i wanted work another extra 2 weeks, but was told that there were enough staff, i miss the teachers, kak shikin and the kids! Anyway, it was a really really good experience to be working there, taught me alot of things, it was different compared to the time i worked at the day care, the kids there were younger. Here, it was older kids, though harder to handle, it was challenging. At least now i have more experience with kids, hahaha. Well, i shall now flood this blog with pictures! :D

kids in their uniform!

some lazing around.

with chloe and sarah!

cute aren't they? chloe, sarah, subhey, dong yao, millaan!

we are the legendary, ahoy mates!

sarah and her straight bangs. 

they look like besties. :D

helped shuen qi and zi yee colour that barbie.


chick chick.

my christmas deco for the christmas tree. 

aww, besties forever!

omgosh, they so cute! i miss them. =(

boys being boys, hahaha. 

jun wei : I AM THE HULK! 

meet my boyfriend wei wei. :D

bosco and millaan!

the cots that they sleep in, it's comfortable. 

dong yao's choc for me, they taste awesome!

posers. :P

kak shikin's adorable kids, aini and ain!

walao, acting like big shots.

heh, i caught you half naked!

zi yee, purple clothes! 


indescribable face. x)

hahaha, they always do something cute. 

having fun during milk time. 

meet shreeyah the reporter and natalie the sweet girl. 

me and messi junior. =)

wei wei and his spidey!

nicholas's spongebob toy.

love shaped eyes.

with isaac's ben 10 cap. =P

fuyoo, rapper in the making!

they love their milk, i made it for them! =D


chubby boy. 

my work of art. hehe. 

aini and reshwina.

shuen qi, one of my fav girls.

shreeyah and her crazy hair. 

having fun at the playground. 

having fun with that bouncing animal.

i like his smile.
this is bosco. naughty much, but can be nice. 
Performances on the last day of school.

that girl in the pink shirt, she came up and ask me who i was on the first day. =)

shun meng and millaan. ohh, thats fona my boss at the back!
dong yao, mr. cool!

the birthday cake.

nov bday babies.
dylan and dong yao.

that's keenan, funny face!
dylan, the nice boy that came and talk to me. :)

pretty girls in pretty dresses. 
the balloon game!

Chloe busy with her homework.

aden and his duck bag!


ariel, cutest girl ever with her brother jeriel at the back. 

shun meng, cute boy!

li ann, another sweet girl

peace. (V)

bosco and his coconut hair cut.

Well, that's about half of my collection, there are moreee! I shall post up the rest soon. For now, enjoy these! Alright, i'm off to bed soon. Bye! :)